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Random Shit

July 10, 2012

I'm back, and the site should be up and running today!

I've got some music to post, and remember <<BUY THE MUSIC IF YOU LIKE IT>> it is how the artists support themselves and their families, and I know they appreciate it (my friend is one of them!)

There are going to be some helpful hints in the “Tech” section for things like what programs to use, and any paid services please talk to me before you get them! I may have an affiliate link that I can get some credit from :)

Under gaming you won't find much at the moment, I've been going 0% tryhard lately. My LoL is for lolz, my WoW is yawn, my SC2 is bleh, and my CS is nonexistent.

The forums need to be reinstalled, this will take time I don't have until possibly Wed/Thurs

Random shit is not a priority either, and will be a collection of rants, things that made me LOLOLIRL, and other Internet fodder.

Downloads also not high priority, will have links for all sorts of stuff.

NEW SECTION ADDED! If I have helped you in some way, or you just like me, you can CONTRIBUTE by sending me a gift, money, gold on WoW, or just saying thank you! I am currently trying to fund a vacation in January as a sort of late birthday present to myself, upgrade a couple of things on my PC, and take care of some other things!